In the week of 25 September, an Ethiopian delegation representing both the public and private sector visited the Netherlands. The mission focused on exchanging knowledge and experiences in the field of food safety, phytosanitary and quality for vegetables, fruit and cut flowers. The delegation visited amongst others, LNV (the Dutch ministry of Agriculture), NVWA (the food and product safety board), KCB, CBL, BIONEXT, GroentenFruitHuis, WUR, Koppert and Royal Flora Holland.

The visit to Wageningen University & Research (WUR) focused on food safety through a visit to Wageningen Food Safety Research (link to website) and Wageningen Research presented its past and current activities in Ethiopia with regards to Integrated Pest Management, biological control and horticulture. Irene Koomen RAISE-FS coordinator from Wageningen University & Research highlighted on the RAISE-FS program and what it is doing, and potential for collaboration of food safety, the pesticide life cycle and capacity development.

Overall, the delegation agreed to intensify cooperation with Ethiopia in the coming period on phytosanitary issues (false codling moth), biological crop protection (IPM, BCAs), electronic certification and food safety, and to set up a platform in Addis Ababa for regular consultations with authorities and the (Dutch) business community active in Ethiopia.

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