BENEFIT Partnership 2016 – 2021 key achievements

We are glad to share with you a brochure outlining the key achievements of the BENEFIT Partnership programme and stakeholders over the last five years (2016-2021). The brochure highlights the overall accomplishments of the programmes and stakeholders. It also includes information on the results, change stories, challenges, lessons learned, and future opportunities. benefitpartnership_key-achievementsDownload

A study on climate resilient agriculture and food systems in Ethiopia identifies key areas of concern

A recent study identifies climate information, water management, soil health and fertility, and promotion of climate smart agriculture inputs and technologies and policy issues as key areas of concern in enhancing climate resilience agriculture and food systems in Ethiopian. The study indicates that climate information is critical for farmers to strategically plan their farming activities … Continue reading A study on climate resilient agriculture and food systems in Ethiopia identifies key areas of concern

The Second BENEFIT ISSD-Ethiopia seed alert highlights the effect of COVID-19 mobility restrictions on the Ethiopian seed sector

The second BENEFIT ISSD-Ethiopia COVID-19 seed alert that was published this week highlighted issues related to release and registration of new varieties, timely supply of early generation seed (EGS),  quality assurance in EGS production, reduced availability of varieties in high demand  and challenges related to producers access to agro-inputs, labor and finance.  

New effort to better understand and mitigate the effect of COVID-19 on the seed sector: A collaborative effort between ISSD Ethiopia and WCDI

In response to COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on food security, BENEFIT-ISSD Ethiopia Program’s recent effort focuses on better understanding how the pandemic affects the seed sector and supports the development of urgent coping strategies that would enhance resilience and support continuity of activities of the seed sector.